100,000 dpi printing

    Researchers from IBM Corporation, working in Zurich (Switzerland), proudly announced that they were able to develop printing technology with a stunning resolution of 100 thousand dots per inch (current printing is capable of resolution of 1,500 dpi). According to scientists, this will allow printing particles of about 60 nanometers in size. For comparison: the thickness of a human hair is approximately 80 thousand nanometers. Feel the difference?

    The technology, the details of which aibiemians still prefer not to disclose, is useful primarily in medicine for the manufacture of microscopic biosensors. In addition, such high-precision printing is planned to be used for the production of special lenses designed for optical microchips, nanowires, and even, oddly enough, money. In the latter case, the technology will allow to increase the degree of security of paper notes.

    However, before the commercial implementation of unique printing technology, you will have to wait a few more years, they say at IBM.

    via gizmo watch

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