Untidiness is not a vice

    Design is now developing rapidly and is a promising and interesting direction.
    In our time, such an attitude is widespread, or rather it will be said the other way round, not any relation to design is widespread.
    A small example with a small business: usually a company is created and the first thing it does is advertise in a newspaper, where they do the design of this advertisement. It is often from this “first” advertisement that the “first” style of the company is created and its quality is appropriate, i.e. none at all. It suits people quite well, they get some money and everything seems to be normal. But in fact, the attitude to a company with a bad style is worse than to a company with a bad style. This is about the same as now in the 21st century to dress in peasant clothes from the time of Napoleon and go to work. You can work in such clothes and you will receive money ... the only question is who is more likely to get good money and at the same time have a good relationship with other people.

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