In Second Life, only the stock exchange remained from gambling

    As you know, the FBI recently banned gambling in Second Life . All casinos, poker clubs and virtual sweepstakes have disappeared from the virtual world. Numerous players, many of whom live outside the United States, felt the charm of American law, because casinos and bookmakers are banned throughout the United States and on the Internet - that's why they were expelled from Second Life.

    However, virtual businessmen have found an original way out of this situation. They made a virtual stock exchange World Stock Exchange. Many people think that trading is the same gamble with the same negative expectation as a roulette game, for example. However, this type of gambling in America is considered quite legal and even encouraged at the state level, so that the US authorities will be powerless against the World Stock Exchange. It was on the exchange that those who were previously fond of gambling went to spend their linden dollars.

    The World Stock Exchange is trading in shares of virtual companies doing business in Second Life. Everything is organized at the highest level, with the ability to conduct an IPO, support for underwriters, etc. For players who come to the virtual exchange building, a complete imitation of the workplace of a real exchange trader has been created: see video.

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