Cyberpunk for children

    I discovered that one of my good friends works in a completely wonderful company. The company is called "Alma" and it sells children's educational toys, both ordinary enough and quite cyberpunk.

    I will quote the text from their site better :

    The sensory room is a small paradise where everything murmurs, sounds, shimmers, beckons, unobtrusively makes you forget fears, soothes. Special equipment installed in the sensory room affects all human senses. Lying in a “dry pool” or on soft ottomans, in an atmosphere of slowly floating light, to soothing music, breathing in the aromas of medicinal herbs, the child seems to fall into a fairy tale. In such a room, a feeling of complete safety, comfort, mystery is created, which in the best way helps to establish a calm, trusting relationship between the child and the specialist.

    Toys, it turns out, are rehab. But, you must admit, install such a room even in an ordinary kindergarten and maybe a couple of Hitlers and Chikatil in the world will become smaller.
    Although prices ( .XLS ), I must say, bite.

    The sensory room allows you to perform the following procedures of psychological impact and correction: 1. Relaxation, removal of emotional and muscle tension in the child. 2. Stimulation of sensory sensitivity and motor activity of children, the development of their hand-eye coordination. 3. Fixing and managing the child’s attention, maintaining his interest and cognitive activity. 4. Toning the child’s mental activity by stimulating positive emotional reactions. 5. The development of imagination and creativity in children. 6. Correction of the psychoemotional state of the child. 7. Expansion of the horizons of the child, spatial representations, perception of the various properties of objects.

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