Another attempt About management :)

    Another experiment :) When I was still studying at MIEM, there was a favorite anecdote about IQ , with the ending and what kind of dos you got ... Then I changed my occupation, and an anecdote about the profession also appeared.
    About management A

    little bunny runs through the forest and stumbles through a snake crawling across the road.

    The bunny shakes himself, sits on his ass and says shyly:
    “you know, I’m blind from birth, so I didn’t notice you, please excuse me. I’m also an orphan and therefore I don’t even know who I am. ”

    Having come to himself a little, the snake replies:
    “You can imagine that I have the same problems: I am also a blind orphan and I don’t know who I am.

    But we can do this: I feel you and tell you who you look like - well, you will help me later as well. ”

    Bunny agrees. The snake carefully feels it and says:
    “Well, you are all so soft, warm, fluffy, long ears grow on your head, and a little round tail on your ass. It seems to me that you are a little bunny. "

    Bunny says:
    “Yes, because I myself suspected this for a long time, thank you so much. Now it's my turn to help you. ”
    He feels with his paws the snake from head to tail and for a long time he thinks something. Then he hesitantly says:
    “You know ... you are so flexible, slippery, seemingly armless. You also have no ridge or eggs ... but you have a long tongue. I think ... you are probably the project manager or someone from senior management, right? ”

    I propose to continue the series :) who can do what is professional, if

    I’m interested in the topic, I’ll try to add more ... You can’t always take everything seriously, and especially take yourself seriously :) PS if comments are not difficult for anyone to design and in general, they will be useful, I’ll only I started to write here and I'm not used to what and how :)

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