Apogee Drive 350: Swiftech's new cooling system

    The company Swiftech has announced the release of a new liquid cooling system Apogee Drive 350. This CPU water block, which is integrated pump capacity 330 liters per hour. The combination of a water block and a pump, according to the manufacturer, ensures compactness and ease of installation.

    Apogee Drive 350 is compatible with processor sockets for AMD stones (Socket 754, 939, 940, Socket AM2 and Socket F) and Intel Pentium 4, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Extreme (Socket 775). The cost of the cooling system from Swiftech, which should appear on sale in about a week, will be $ 100.

    Apogee Drive 350 can be purchased either separately or as a set with the H20-120 kit, which includes a 120-mm radiator with an integrated coolant reservoir. It is noteworthy that the combined СО H20-120 (the cost of which will be only $ 160) can replace four-component systems (water block, pump, radiator, tank). And for the mass user this is more than profitable, since it will be much less to mess with the installation and placement of CO in the case.

    via Ferra

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