New Google Phone: Exclusive Details

    According to absolutely reliable rumors, it became known that Google will soon announce its new mobile phone. The phone will be truly revolutionary and will compete with Apple's iPhone. Reliable sources report that the new device will be called gPhone ("GeFone" or "ZhiFon"). The company expects to gain about 10% of the market and positions its phone as a Hi-End communicator for the corresponding niche. There is no information about the operator yet, but there are rumors that AT&T may become one, although companies do not confirm this information. The phone will be equipped with the latest equipment and software technologies from Google, for example, Google OS!


    gPhone will have as many as two processors: one from Intel, the other from AMD. By default, the Intel processor is running, the AMD processor starts when the user turns on the heating function. The number of operational is not so large, but the phone can use the RAM of computers (and other phones), thanks to BlueTooth and WiFi! A hard disk with 5000 rpm is used as a storage medium. It also serves as a shake, but the speed rises to 15,000 and the phone vibrates.

    The 10 Gigapixel photo-video camera deserves special mention, the exact same one stands on the famous Hubble telescope ! “The telescope in your pocket” is one of the slogans of the future gPhone advertising company.


    As mentioned above, a new Google OS will be installed on the device . It is proposed to use Google Docs as an office suite, and the browser will be a special adapted version of Mozilla Firefox - Googlezilla, with an updated anti-phishing protection (malicious sites such as and are blocked).

    Business diagram

    The new business scheme, which will be used by Google, involves the free distribution of the phone, as it will pay off through advertising.

    Only one phone will be given to one person. To combat scammers, anyone who gets a gPhone will get a tattoo. Lucky owner gPhoneA similar scheme has already been tested on beta testers.

    In advertising policy, Google’s traditional approach will be used - to show the user the advertisement that he needs. To determine the context, we will analyze conversations, visited sites and places where the user likes to be (they will be calculated using the GPS receiver). Advertising will be shown directly on the screen, but the most important innovation is voice advertising! Firstly, it will sound the first 20 seconds of any conversation, and not only the lucky owner of gPhone, but also its interlocutor will hear it. Secondly, an ad module will also be built into the answering machine: "Leave a message after listening to the ad unit."

    Localization for Russia

    The Russian representation of Google has confirmed that a localized version of gPhone will be released.

    The phone will be equipped with a special anti-gop function in the form of a shocker. The function is activated automatically when the phone picks up certain phrases, for example, “Boy, can’t you smoke?” or "Are you from this area?" After that, you must transfer the phone to your interlocutor within 30 seconds, since the shocker will turn on and the lucky owner will receive a blow of 10,000 volts. Unfortunately, the battery will run out after this, but Google is already working to resolve this shortcoming.


    This post is caused by various messages, including on Habré , which are based on rumors and in which there are "photos" with signs of photoshop. I hope to hear your ideas in the comments! ;)

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