Rebranding and football

    Some time ago, on the hub, the respected vik posted a note about the rebranding of one of the largest, if not the largest railway transport company in Europe. The people took the news “with a bang”, not missing the opportunity to criticize the work of BBDO.

    After some time, the leadership of Russian Railways went even further, and the supposedly new milestone in the history of the company was built by the most curious challenge - the Cup of Russian Railways on football. The most famous clubs of the old woman of Europe are invited. The project is regulated as “commercial”, in our language - “startup”, and therefore may be of interest to the habrasociety.

    Today I was lucky to watch the match: FC Lokomotiv - FC Real Madrid on TV. I believe I will not be mistaken if I suppose that the sight seen was a key moment in the framework of the tournament. As far as the game of the locomotive, familiar to any more or less sick person, did not surprise, the game of the royal club from Madrid did not surprise either. How mediocre the locomotive looked on the field, the real players looked so ironic and optimistic. Incredibly, when we tried to push these familiar poles of the same magnet called football, we saw an amazing effect! And those who did not see, just write down the result. 5: 2. Or 2: 5, as you prefer. And also write down that after the final two goals of Real Madrid to the gates of the railway workers, the expression on the faces of the Spaniards is as if in training.

    Question. Does Lokomotiv need rebranding? If, after changing the logo, the Russian Railways company still lacks the floor in the restrooms, the walls in the vestibule are spat, in the winter it is cold — they give out blankets, in the summer it’s hot — they give out blankets, raw linen, and the prices are similar to the same prices for flights, then… conclusion the obvious suggests itself: rebranding Russian football can never help.

    The classic said in truth: "Russia is a country of frightened idiots." Today, idiots scared, with which I congratulate you.

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