Live Search has learned to identify faces

    In search of images from Microsoft - Live Search Images - a new operator has appeared that allows you to limit the search results to faces and portraits. To do this, add filter: face or filter: portrait at the end of the search query, for example Larry Page filter: portrait . The search engine uses face detection algorithms, so it’s not a fact that in the results of the above query you will always get an image of Larry Page. However, the fact that only one person will be here can be said with almost 100% certainty.

    It is worth noting that Google had a similar option in May . But, unlike Live Search Images, Google Image Searcha little smarter and looking for pages containing the full name. So, while Google almost everywhere shows exactly Larry Page (the error came out only with the second result), Microsoft puts the first relevant result only in seventh place.

    Nevertheless, the search for images from Microsoft looks more interesting, since it contains unlimited scrolling of results (which saves you from pressing the "Back" and "Next" buttons), as well as a fairly accurate list of related people and the area where you can move your favorite images ( which is very convenient). But in this whole barrel of honey from Microsoft there is a fly in the ointment (as usual?), And quite large: firstly, all this miracle works 100% only in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and secondly, the number of indexed images and relevance leaves much to be desired.

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