In all of Belarus there were only 12 hot spots

    The Tut.By portal has opened the WiFi.Tut.By reference section with a list of all public hot spots in Belarus. So far, the base is far from complete: there are only access points in Minsk. There were 12 of such in the city.

    “Unfortunately, due to the insufficiently transparent legal status of WiFi technology in Belarus, some entertainment providers prefer not to advertise the availability of free WiFi for their visitors or employees,” the creators of the resource write .

    1. Airport Minsk-2 (50 km from Minsk).
    2. Hotel "Belarus", st. Storozhevskaya, 15.
    3. Hotel "Minsk", Independence Ave. 11.
    4. Hotel "October", st. Engels, 13.
    5. Hotel "Orbit", pr. Pushkina, 39.
    6. Hotel Planeta, Pobediteley Ave., 31.
    7. Hotel Yubileinaya, Pobediteley Ave. 19.
    8. Disco-bar X-ray, st. Internatsionalnaya, 27.
    9. Railway station, st. Bobruisk, 4.
    10. Cafe Rockhouse (Rockhouse), st. Nemiga, 12.
    11. Club Bronx (Bronx), Prospect Masherova, 17/1.
    12. Coffee Shop Coffeberry, pl. Independence ("Shopping Center Capital", the upper level).

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