Thousands of ATI Radeon Graphics Cards Defective

    According to some sources, a number of vendors managed to release several thousand ATI Radeon HD 2400 and HD 2600 video cards that did not pass full testing and had defects. Such an unpleasant incident, according to Western Internet sites, happened due to a malfunction of AMD's proprietary testing software, which is used by developers to detect various kinds of defects in the cards produced. Problems with the cards have already appeared in Asustek Computer, Micro-Star International (MSI) and Gigabyte Technology, as well as in several smaller vendors.

    However, if you believe the sources, the cards should not contain any very serious defects: so far, only a BIOS problem has been detected, which can be fixed in two ways. Nevertheless, one of the vendors has already recalled about 30 thousand video cards. Fortunately, the bulk of the products did not reach the final consumer, however, a certain number of defective copies were supposedly still in the hands of buyers. What to do to poor fellow, if the cards bought by them appear to be defective, AMD and its partners have not yet reported.

    via DigiTimes

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