New social network - now on video stories

    Youtube is like a drug. It’s already dawn, you shoveled a ton of commercials and think what else to see? But one sucks come across ... Yes, dude, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, Youtube is not perfect in terms of search, and even with the Russian language there, not everything is going smoothly. But let's unite and try to solve this problem.

    How? Very simple. is a new collective video blog with a social bias.

    Any registered participant can add links to interesting video stories, as well as rate and comment on the links of other participants. The only request is do not tithe. No need Tokyo Hotel, Timati, MuzTV, Comedy Club and other stuff - it's all on the TV, which we despise :)

    Despite the site’s asceticism (standard drupel skin), the project is quite successfully coping with its task. Already there are full of interesting videos, carefully sorted into categories. An hour for two views is definitely enough.

    Let's create a new TV together that can be watched forever.

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