Eminem quarrels with Apple again

    Meanwhile, as Eminem once again sued Apple for illegally selling his music in the iTunes music store, the number of purchases in this store has exceeded 3 billion songs.

    The iTunes online store was opened in 2003. Already in February 2006, Apple reported on the sale of the billionth song - songs by Coldplay Speed โ€‹โ€‹of Sound. After a little over a year, the number of sales increased 3 times.

    Eminem transferred the rights to sell his music to a publisher who, in turn, has a similar agreement with a major record company (Universal Music Group). Here is the last and gave the green light to the appearance of Eminem's music in the iTunes Music Store. And the Universal Music Group and pays Apple.

    Apple charges 99 cents for most songs that are downloaded in the United States. Record companies receive about 70 cents, and from this amount give 9 cents to companies that own copyright in musical works (in the case of Eminem, this is Eight Mile Style).

    Here Universal is likely to sue and redirect.

    It is worth recalling that before that, Eminem had already sued Apple for the fact that his song was used in TV advertising of the company's products.

    via www.wemu.ru

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