Bring me back to my 80's!

    I offer everyone a sightseeing tour of the design of the 80s - bright, puffy, rampant. 

    Someone else probably remembers the hair of all colors of the rainbow from pink to purple, sparkles, make-up in the color of hair - pink lips, blue shades, fashionable guys with piercings and ray bans. And what was the clothes like - jackets with shoulder pads that extend beyond the shoulders and reasonable, topics “bare belly”, wide belts, leggings, mini-skirts! And jeans-dummies, and many, many more spandex for those who are bolder or more blue. And skateboards, and “Monopoly”, and the first arcades, break-dance, Everyone lived the dream of Reebok, Gap, Guess, Adidas!

    Well, some 30 years have passed and a whole generation of trends has revived again. This spring-summer, we are safely experiencing in the 80s. And again, leggings, wide white belts, ray - benes, huge bracelets, skinny jeans for all without separation ... On MTV screensavers in the form of a "snake", "Tetris" and so on ... Languages ​​of the Rolling Stones! ... Rubik's Cube! And one more thing - Transformers are back!  

    So I thought to designate the brightest comebacks from the late modernism of the 80s!

    So, what are we looking for - the 80s - the beginning of the era of consumerism, diversity and abundance. Ornaments of the 70s are forgotten, designers are looking for new forms, not content. On their flag they raise a non-functional design, industrialism and modern technology. Glass and metal, riot of color, disco ...

    I decided not to touch the clothes, but I will give a separate place to the T-shirts. T-shirts - whatever one may say, the simplest expression of design thought is an idea, but do not know where to apply it? Draw on a t-shirt. Here nostalgia manifested itself in full.

    By the way, cassettes have become just a fetish for which you can devote a separate post:

    Here is a lamp from old cassettes by Transparent House

    Handmade retro wallets from Marcella Foschi

    Plastic bag from FRED

    Well and the pendant from SparkleMe

    Finishing the theme of accessories, one cannot but mention the legend of the 80s - the aviators have also returned. This is how it was 30 years ago.

    Here's how it got today at Diesel, Guess, Mark Jacobs

    Another striking phenomenon that has risen from the 80s - the so-called Getto Blasters - for those who are not in the subject - huge Sharpe and Sonya, which were worn on the shoulder first in the Harlem area, and then in Voronezh. 

    Bright nostalgia appeared on the bag, which by the way can be bought here .

    And in very fashionable slips:

    Another reanimated trend of the 80s is skateboards, which today are nostalgically decorated with space invaders.

    Well, since they started talking - of course space invaders - everywhere. In the wall decor, clothes, rugs, packaging

    Here, by the way, is an interactive rug from our friend, the dearest French designer Jerome . If someone comes to the door, the sensors are triggered and the invaders light up and begin to sing their warlike song.

    Turning finally to the interior design, you can find such an ersatz from Studio Orange 22. Although, this chair looks like it was made in the 80s, to look like it was made in the 2000s.

    Linoleum. Surprised? Yes, he is returning too. In the framework of the retro-look so fashionable today, it is impossible to imagine your home without this mandatory fetish for the 80s. More precisely, in the 80s he would have been a forced reality, and in 2007 it became a real fetish. Today's linoleum producers such as Forbo come off to the full, with almost unlimited possibilities and technologies:

    Wallpaper is a separate topic. Probably one of the brightest comebacks.

    Bean bags! Returned and rulezzz! 

    Well, for dessert - my weakness. Lava lamp - hit of the 80s! She especially did not give light, and having settled in the beginning in joke shops, she quickly migrated to the everyday life of apartments. Today, Lava lamps are an indispensable attribute of a fashionable apartment. 

    Well, probably, having run over the tops and all. That is, there is still a lot of all the interesting things from the 80s that surrounds us today, but I'm afraid it will become a tedious task to read everything that is written here, and probably three times more. Why did I write this - well, it was just interesting to share the observation of what is happening around.

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