Eco Drive: in full compliance with environmental requirements

    Apparently, the fight for customer wallets and in the IT sector has yet to enter a slightly replicated, but promising commercial advantage. Whoever is not trying to advertise the environmental focus of their products. “Exhaust” is less, saving more is the motto of eco-PCs and peripherals. Kanguru Solutions is showing us yet another masterpiece of environmentally-friendly products, stating that their new Eco Drive external drives are neither more nor less “the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient” devices on the market today.

    If you take a closer look at the eco-friendliness of Eco Drive, it turns out that the whole thing is about 75 percent energy savings. Which, however, is not so bad. Such indicators are achieved due to the presence of the drive three operating modes. In Idle mode, power consumption is reduced to 80% of the standard (it turns on after three seconds of inactivity). Standby mode is activated after three minutes of “idling” and allows the device to reduce energy consumption up to 20% of normal. Power Down, as the most economical mode, allows you to reduce the "appetites" of an idle five minutes in the inactive device to 5-10% of normal consumption. It is noteworthy that such numbers are the default values ​​set for various modes. Using specialized software, these indicators can be changed.

    As for the technical characteristics, the Eco Drive is quite "packed". The maximum volume is 750 GB, the data transfer rate is 480 Mbps (Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 interface).

    via IXBT

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