Add bookmark to Google Bookmarks in one click

    The social bookmarking service and the domestic BobrDobr have very convenient functions: by dragging a special button on the panel of your favorite browser, clicking on it, you can easily add a bookmark to the page you are viewing, moreover, of course, part of the form for adding bookmarks it is filled in automatically (address, title).

    I personally do not need sociality from bookmarks, as well as developed opportunities for import / export and other stray. That's why the simple Google Bookmarks service pleases(it is possible to add your personal bookmarks and assign tags to them for normal navigation). But just the very mentioned and convenient function of adding a bookmark with one click, the service does not provide for Russian-speaking users (the creators in Russian recommend installing the Google Toolbar for such purposes).

    The problem, as it turned out, is solved by passing the necessary parameters by the GET method.

    To get a button for adding a Google bookmark in one click, you must first create an empty button, and instead of the link, assign it, for example, the following code:

    javascript: location.href = 'http: // op = add & bkmk = '+ encodeURIComponent (location.href);

    The English interface (as suggested in the comments) offers a more developed function on js, adding a bookmark in a new window. I further expanded this Googl’s function by adding the selected text to the “Notes” (I don’t pretend to be cross-browser).

    Ready buttons are here .

    After dragging the buttons to the panel, it remains to correct the name to understandable (FF takes the link text for the name, and Opera, alas, the link itself).

    Everything described in the latest versions of Firefox and Opera works, and also, probably, in IE6, if there is a panel where the button can be dragged.

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