Typography on Habré

    Perhaps it’s worthwhile, when writing a habratopik, to add the option to automatically replace the correct quotation marks with the wrong ones and dashes with hyphens? That is, add a typographer about which you know so well.

    It would look something like this:

    Of course, you say, if anyone has a desire, he can go to the same site or install a program that, when you press the magic button, “prints it all”. Yes maybe. Maybe even write such a program. But firstly, why go somewhere or write something there and secondly, if such an option is right in Habré, more people will use it. What is gut, since reading the typography is much more pleasant. What do I propose to use a slightly simplified version of that typographer, that is, use only the replacement of quotation marks, hyphens and the conclusion of what is necessary in the nobr tags (except that in the code and pre tags). And no plagiarism. Writing a program is not a problem at all without even looking into  the very source code, but the idea is as old as the world.

    The program works great and if the text does not represent any special importance for you, then it may be worth instead of the button “print” to make “publish and print” in the same place, or even make such an option in tuning so that you can choose instead standard button “publish” button “print and publish”.

    I understand that even if this is ever done, it will not be very soon. This is not the case; I am simply interested in: is it worth it at all? How would you feel about such an innovation?

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