Internet users will conduct a galactic census

    British astronomers set out to compile a complete catalog of all known galaxies, and about 1 million of them are known. A complete classification of galaxies is needed for a structural analysis of our universe.

    The test would take years of work from scientists and graduate students if they had not guessed to turn to the online community for help. With 10-20 thousand volunteers, the process will take no more than a month. The work was organized as part of the GalaxyZoo project .. Anyone can register on the site - and then proceed to the classification of space material. He is required to carefully examine each photograph taken from the telescope at the Apache Point American Observatory and indicate what type of galaxy is depicted on it: elliptical or spiral. If possible, the direction of rotation is also indicated.

    This is not the first time that thousands of space lovers have been invited to participate in serious scientific research. A year ago, a similar Stardust @ Home project was organized to search for stardust in the gel trap of a ship returning from the tail of Comet Wild 2. Actually, the success of that American project inspired British astronomers.

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