PHP4 ceases to exist

    Today (July 13, 2007) is exactly three years since the release of PHP5. Over these three years, it (PHP5) has gained many improvements over PHP4. PHP5 is fast, stable, and since PHP6 is already on the way, the 4th PHP branch will no longer develop.

    The PHP development team announces that support for PHP4 will last only until the end of this year. After December 31, 2007, PHP4.4 will no longer be released. “We will continue to issue security fixes“ on a case by case basis ”until August 8, 2008. Please use the time until the end of the year to make your applications compatible with PHP5. ”

    As documentation on migration from PHP4 to PHP5, developers propose to familiarize themselves with the following document:


    PS: Hosters worry? (:

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