Views have not died yet - Nielsen // NetRatings clarified its position

    Today, Nielsen // NetRatings , one of the recognized leaders in Internet statistics and rankings, has sent out a letter explaining to its customers about noise in site ranking changes. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

    Press reports have created some misunderstanding in the industry and the media. We would like to make it clear that, in addition to the new metrics (Total Minutes, Total Sessions), which, in our opinion, are important indicators of engagement, we will continue to provide ALL metrics that existed in Nielsen NetView reports, including:
    • Unique audience;
    • The average number of sessions per person;
    • Time per person;
    • Total pageviews and pageviews per person;
    • Demography.

    This has always been our plan, and we regret that some media reports could be interpreted differently. In our service, customers can sort data by any metric.

    Moreover, “Unique Visitors” will remain our main measure for compiling the rating. In addition, we rating by “volume”, and traditionally used “Pageviews” for this. It is for ranking by volume that we recommend using a measure of viewing time instead of page count.

    In my opinion, they correctly and correctly reacted to scandalous messages .

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