Windows Mobile gets to minicars

    The other day, the Fiat automobile concern demonstrated its new city car under the simple name of Fiat 500. The machine is quite ordinary: a compact body, three doors, a 100-horsepower gasoline engine. In general, this coupe hardly won the attention of numerous hi-tech blogs, if not for one trifle found inside the car - the Designed for Windows Mobile nameplate.
    Fiat 500. Designed for Windows Mobile
    As it turned out, the Fiat 500 was really developed by Italians in collaboration with Microsoft. Thanks to the latter, the car acquired the Blue & Me system, that is, features such as: a navigation system with advanced functionality, voice control, compatibility with Bluetooth accessories and even some USB devices. All this, of course, operates on the basis of the Windows Mobile operating system. Nevertheless, fans of jokes about BSOD need not worry: Microsoft's activities beyond the introduction of a multimedia system that does not affect driving performance have not spread. In any case, the creators of the Fiat 500 say so.
    Fiat 500. In appearance - the usual urban minicar
    Fiat 500. But inside - everything is not so simple
    For some reason, the developers are silent about the iron component (processor, navigation module, etc.). True, it is possible that "at the hardware level" the car will survive many more changes. As for the cost of a minicar, in Europe they ask for it from 10 to 15 thousand euros.

    via Slashphone

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