Skype on iPhone - why not

    After an unequivocal answer from the iPhone developers, we already resigned ourselves to the thought that Skype could never work on this phone. However, it was still possible.

    Thanks to the SoonR Talk app, iPhone owners will be able to use Skype, albeit with some limitations.

    SoonR Talk is just part of the SoonR software suite, which allows you to remotely access your desktop computer from a mobile phone or PDA, and manage many applications, including Skype. SoonR Talk uses a web interface to work, and can work on almost any device that has an Internet browser on board. Using a secure SSL connection, SoonR Talk communicates with the SoonR server, which in turn manages the client installed on the desktop computer. At the same time, it is enough to use the usual GPRS connection for SoonR to work.

    After launching SoonR Talk, the usual Skype contact list will be displayed on the page, showing the “On-line” status of the interlocutors. You can start a chat, initiate a voice call or a conference. In order to make a call, just click on the name of the interlocutor in the list, after which the most interesting part begins!

    SoonR Talk sends commands to the desktop Skype client and initiates two calls. The first one is for your SkypeOut tariff, and the second is a normal Pc-to-PC call. After dialing, both calls are combined into a conference, and you can communicate with the interlocutor.

    In this case, the cost of a call is the sum of the price of one call at the SkypeOut tariff and payment of the minimum traffic that SoonR uses to exchange management teams. In case of a call to a regular phone, you will have to pay for SkypeOut calls in both directions. But such a scheme can often be cheaper than the prices of many mobile operators. However, many Skype users do well without voice calls, using only chat, and in this case SoonR Talk is in no way inferior to a regular Skype client.

    It seems that today SoonR Talk is the only application that can work with Skype on iPhone. At the same time, SoonR may be of interest not only to iPhone users, but also to the owner of ordinary mobile phones for which a Skype client does not yet exist.

    A source:Skype in Russia

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