Error in HabraWiki

    This morning I decided to create an interesting blog on Habré, but something strange happened ... I didn’t find the “Create new” button on the blog page, and I remembered for sure that it was there (although I never created new blogs - there were enough existing ones with head). It puzzled me. But then I clicked on the help , went to the " Collective blogs " and read
    Blogs can only be created by people with karma greater than> = 2.
    I looked at my karma: grab it, but the button didn’t grow ... Then I read the help on karma and found the following
    create a new collective blog - karma> 5
    Please correct as correct.

    I myself would be glad, but firstly I don’t know where it is right, and secondly, I don’t have enough karma to rule HabraWiki.

    Also, while writing this topic, I came across the weirdness of the WYSIWYG topic editor: select the text, click to paste the link, then we understand that we don’t need the link and click “Cancel”. We receive an inappropriate error message "This is not a URL." (Firefox

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