iPhone, my own quest for the truth.

    It will not be difficult for Apple to add 3G support to your phone.
    If you dig around the hub and look for a topic about how to disassemble the iPhone (to small details) and fetch information from it about which chipsets are in it, and after that, slowly digging around on the Internet, it becomes clear that
    the iPhone chipset (Qualcomm MSM7600) supports 3G , only this function is not activated in software.
    Not only that, I’ll tell you one more fact - the Blutooth chipset (CSR BlueCore 4) supports A2DP (Bluetooth-stereo).

    The other day, a very interesting resource has appeared about the internal device and unlocking the iPhone.
    The guys try, and do not hide anything from what they dug up.

    UPD: The link began to open poorly. Looks like the SlashDot effect has gone ...
    UPD2: if the link doesn’t open - go here , this is their forum.

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