The history of mankind (Bernard Werber "The breath of the gods"

    If one week is spent on the whole history of mankind, then the day will be equal to 660 million years.
    Imagine that our story begins on Monday. At 0 o'clock there is a huge ball, the Earth. On Monday, Tuesday, and the morning of the next day, nothing happens. Only at noon on the medium did the first forms of life appear - bacteria.
    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning — bacteria multiply rapidly and develop slowly.
    On Saturday, in the afternoon, at about 16 hours, the first dinosaurs appear, and five hours later they already disappear. Smaller and weaker animals randomly spread around the Earth, are born and die. Only a few species remain that accidentally survived after a series of natural disasters.
    On Saturday, after three minutes at midnight, a man appears. A quarter of a second before midnight, cities emerge. For the fortieth fraction of a second before midnight, a person drops the first atomic bomb and takes off from the Earth in order to first set foot on the moon.
    It seems to us that our story lasts an incredibly long time. In fact, we, the “newest thinking animals,” appeared only for the fortieth fraction of a second before the end of the week during which our planet exists.

    Let's save the Earth, this is the only planet where there is chocolate.

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