“The dream of reason gives birth to monsters” ©

    It is said a long time, right, a long time.

    Today I want to talk about the modern antonymy of this principle, when the "peppy" state of mind gives rise to even greater monsters. The euphoria of plastic buttons, tag clouds, Google vomiting for money - all this makes super-energetic comrades rivet projects, each of which gives the impression of a peak of delirium. Although the peak apparently has not yet been reached.

    I wonder if there is a rating of the most moronic webdanol projects? After all, no one will be surprised to learn that there is a Kaki-Kaki.com project, with the motto “share your poop!”. What? A huge search window, a login for “assholes” with indispensable adgex driving, “three simple steps” illustrated with cute icons with equivalent plastic heads and assholes - 1. go to the toilet, 2. take a picture (there is a garter of the mobile corporation), 3. and discuss with friends. What is the tag alone - “diarrhea” ...

    And about the weather: are you aware of webdanol projects that amaze you personally with their stupidity, unnecessary features, primitiveness? Share in the comments (I want to create my rating).

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