Data on the murder of the wife of a famous wrestler appeared on Wikipedia before the police found out

    On June 24, the famous (in the USA) wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son, and then committed suicide.

    June 25 at 00:01 UT (08:01 UTC) in an article about him on the English Wikipedia, an anonymous user with the IP address was updated to clarify that Chris Benoit was replaced by another wrestler at one of the championships due to the death of his wife Nancy.

    The police, however, became aware of the death of his wife only at 2:30 p.m. EST, i.e. after 14 hours and 29 minutes.

    The IP address belongs to a host located in Stamford (Connecticut), where the headquarters of the World Wrestling Association (WWE) is also located.

    After the news that the Wikipedia user had learned of the death before the police began to flicker in the news feeds, the same anonymous user wrote on the Wikinews website that this was nothing more than a coincidence based on rumors.

    Currently, the police are looking for this anonymous user, because, according to the police, if he knew about the death before the police discovered the bodies and did not report it to the police, criminal sanctions could be applied to him.

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