The tale of how I built a sand castle

    I decided to build a sand castle. I found a sandbox, it began to build, but here information flew in the local media - in the neighboring yard a new sandbox was built, there is more sand in it and it is more convenient to sculpt from it. I went to see. And for sure! The sand is good, slightly wet sculpt with a bang. And in my sand some kind is not the same, and I did not manage to fashion anything sensible, I decided to build a new castle. Even an explanation was found, almost scientific - “Here is more promising.” True, in the new sandbox, everything was not so smooth. I had to go to another yard. I walked for half a day, but I did not waste time in vain - I found in the end the best of all. Everything's OK! Well, I’m thinking about building my own sand castle now.

    He got down to business, but it was not convenient to dig with his hands - you need a spatula, a bucket and all sorts of other things. Which blade is better? Which bucket to take? Where is better to dig? In order to deal with all the issues, I climbed the Internet, there I will certainly be able to choose the right tool.

    And it began - My shoulder blade is the most shovel in the world, no, I have the most shovel in the world, because I also attached a flashlight to it, now you can dig at night. There are so many offers that your eyes run wide. Fortunately, there are smart people, they are called bloggers. It turned out that every second collects all kinds of information about the shoulder blades and pails, who has green, who has red, who has small, who has big. There is plenty to choose from, it is difficult to dwell on one thing, but thanks to the guys, I figured out what was happening. I chose everything that I need, even more, you never know what you need during construction.

    Now you can get down to business! But it’s bad luck, I don’t know how to dig. The Internet helped me again, there were about a dozen methods for digging right there, and the bloggers helped, for which many thanks to them, every third thoroughly compared, analyzed and produced the best method. Now I have everything and a sandbox with a cool sand, and a shovel, and even with a dozen methods I know how to dig. I can start.

    Started with enthusiasm, the work is in full swing! Half done, a little more and build! At work, I did not notice how it got dark, fatigue collapsed, so many things I had to learn in a day. Okay, I think I’ll rest and tomorrow I’m sure to finish it all! Returning home, in the neighboring courtyard, in that very sandbox, where there is absolutely no sand, I saw a beautiful sand castle. Made well, smoothly. I looked closely. Yeah! The author of this creation is immediately visible - the amateur, the scoop uses the old one, released that week, digs the old fashioned way, obviously does not know anything about modern methods. Tomorrow I’ll be back, I’ll finish my castle, and we'll see who is better.

    I returned to my sandbox the next day, got down to business, but here the local media spread the news - a lot of new scoops were brought to the neighboring yard and a sand car. The sand is good, it’s two times faster to build from it than mine, and here I didn’t manage to build anything sensible, I decided to go see what kind of miracle there was sand.

    A week later, my castle was never ready, I had a lot of blades during this time, now I know how to dig in all the details, a great experience! I feel confident now, in blogs I immediately see who understands the matter, and who is so, is a gag. I’m going, I am enjoying life, if only I’m now a specialist in the construction of sand castles. I look in the sandbox, where before there was one castle, a whole city has already formed around. I come up, look, everything is stuck together according to the old method, with an old spatula - nothing new. I’m thinking, ignoramus, how much time he has been building his castle, but he never learned anything.

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