Macbook Pro 17 ″ review

    macbook pro
    ArsTechnica published Macbook Pro review with 17 ″ display. The main findings are as follows: compared to its predecessors, the battery life has increased slightly, and performance has improved markedly. Unfortunately, the tested Macbook Pro did not have an LED backlight. If you're seriously considering buying a Macbook Pro, take a closer look at this review.

    What is good about a Macbook Pro

    * Macbook Pro is significantly faster than its predecessors
    * Solid body and elegant design
    * Built-in 802.11n adapter
    * Quite compact for a 17 ″ laptop
    * High-quality display with a resolution of 1920 × 1200
    * Fast loading
    * Bold standard equipment: 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive
    * Longer battery life
    Disadvantages of the Macbook Pro

    * No LED backlight
    * Both SO-DIMM slots are busy
    * Relatively weak OpenGL performance
    * A meager set of software in the appendage
    * Sometimes the laptop gets very hot


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