James Bach on “smart processes”

    Those of us who, as a matter of duty, in one way or another interact with a computer (and there are a lot of such), probably dream of automating all processes, reducing the amount of routine work.

    But reality, unfortunately, lives by its own laws, and very often tools that could simplify our lives do not work as they should, and we return to “manual labor” again.

    James Bach, a professional software tester, introduced the concept of "smart process."

    “A smart process,” Bach writes on his blog, “is a process that relies on qualified people.” He further argues that intelligent processes can be defined as processes that cannot be automated without overly simplifying them.

    For example, you can teach a graphic editor to trim the edges of an image (in preparation for printing), but you cannot explain to him in which cases you need to cut more on the one hand and less on the other. Therefore, this process cannot be called reasonable.

    Habralyudi, who are familiar with English, can read the full article in James Bach's blog.

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