Pictures from Google Street View Surveillance Cameras

    In the latest update of Google Maps , another interesting feature was added, which, as it turned out, was liked most by the public. This is the “Street View” option, that is, pictures from outdoor surveillance cameras. American blogs relish one picture after another, and cannot stop looking. The star was a guy from San Francisco, whom the camera photographed leaving the strip club.

    The investigation revealed that the Street View service is a joint project of Google and the cyberpunk company Immersive Media , which uses powerful panoramic cameras with a 360-degree viewing angle to monitor citizens. They drive around the city on the roofs of wagons and cars. Now we know what these cameras look like .

    Here is the poor man who was caught near the strip club. He smiles rather, but his wife will clearly not be happy.

    Another guy from San Francisco is trying to climb through the gates of a private home. Did he forget the keys?

    Blond takes out the trash from the entrance. That's who will not be ashamed of his wife.

    Google Street View Creator Team

    Glitches of the shooting lead to a “double” exposure (in the frame is the Golden Gate Bridge).

    Dogs fight and don’t know what Google is shooting.

    In the photographs you can even make out the license plate numbers.

    A wagon with a security camera accidentally photographed itself.

    What can I add here? If Google continues to do the same, soon stands will appear on the streets like this .

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