30% of Belarusians use the Internet

    In May 2007, independent sociologists conducted a public opinion poll (face-to-face interview method interviewed 1,530 respondents aged 18 years and older, the error of representativeness does not exceed 0.03), devoted to the most important problems of life of Belarusians. Among the questions was “ Do you use the Internet?

    5.2% of Belarusians said that they are online every day, 9.9% - several times a week. With a frequency of per month they use the Internet - 10.9% , per year - 4% .

    58.3% of the population of Belarus do not use the Internet at all, and 10.5% do not know what it is.

    According to the results of a sociological survey conductedIISEPS , 24.6% of Belarusian Internet users answered that they visit Russian sites most often, 20.2% - Belarusian, 9.9% - European, and 1.3% - American.

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