Fedora 7

    Today is the release day for the next version of the popular Fedora Linux distribution .

    Starting with this release, the word Core will be missing from the title, so meet Fedora 7

    What's new?

    1. Kernel 2.6.21
    2. Backs - a new distribution positioning method. Several spins will be available (Desktop, Server, LiveCD), each with a specific, specially sharpened set of programs
    3. Updated versions of GNOME 2.18 and KDE 3.5.6
    4. Implemented fast user switching
    5. Connect input devices without stopping, thanks to Xorg Server 1.3
    6. The release includes a large number of firmware to support most wireless cards. In addition, NetworkManager provides a graphical interface that allows you to quickly switch between wired and wireless networks.
    7. New default theme Flying High
    8. Firefox 2 with spell checking, antiphishing and session recovery
    9. SELinux Graphical Administration Utility
    10. FireWire stack integrated into core
    11. Improved Power Management System
    12. Many dictionaries used by desktop applications are brought together
    13. An experimental nouveau driver has been introduced, which is an open implementation of 3D drivers for nVidia cards
    14. Work on increasing the speed of yum, Pirut and Pup
    15. Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is included in the release.
    16. Henceforth, all disk partitions will be named / dev / sd *
    17. Python 2.5 is included in the release and all programs from repositories use it.
    18. etc.

    Release notes can be found in Fedora Release Notes .

    Where to get it?

    • i386
    • x86_64
    • torrent files at the time of writing were still available, and perhaps just the author is not found, but in theory, should be zdest

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