RIT-2007 / Selected videos

    Selected videos from the first RIT-2007 web developers' conference :
    nginx - why is it needed at all, current and future opportunities (Igor Sysoev); Distributed architecture of LAMP applications (Petr Zaitsev); LEGO Designer in Yandex (Oleg Obolensky);
    Later reports will be published: Project Management and Real Life (Igor Ashmanov); Usability. A modern approach to creating effective web sites. (Dmitry Filev);

    The RIT-2007 organizing team begins accepting pre-orders for DVDs with conference materials. The collection will include two DVD-ROM drive with video files of all reports of all eight sections. The cost of the kit for conference participants will be 1024 rubles, for those who did not take part in the conference - 2048 rubles. You can leave a preliminary order in your personal account on the RIT-2007 website .

    UPDATE: Small FAQ

    1. Not enough information!
    This is not an announcement about the start of sales, this is an announcement that everything will be. Such an answer to all those asking on ICQ;)

    Of course, we will prepare the disks - we will tell you everything in detail and details, take pictures, write down the exact information about how to order, delivery, etc. Delivery, by the way, we plan to do throughout Russia included in the price.

    2. Why is it so expensive?
    It is clear that this disc is rather a souvenir, it’s nice to hold a box with two beautifully designed discs in your hands.

    Moreover, we plan to distribute a lot of discs for free in exchange for some useful information for us. For example, we will make a questionnaire for everyone who attended our seminars with a large questionnaire. I still don’t know for sure, therefore I don’t announce it.

    There are other ideas - for example, give a disk to each technical department. But these are still thoughts. Anyway, you won’t make money on these discs, no matter how we are blamed for this. Neither selling it for 500, nor selling it for two thousand. The only difference is that for two thousand there is a chance to at least recoup the guys' work on it.

    Yes, the disks are more expensive than expected - they were mistaken in the calculations, sorry.

    3. When will it be ready?
    When - not everything has been processed, unfortunately. We have 600 gigabytes of raw video in shuffle, which we gradually encode and prepare for recording. Planned by the end of May, but it seems we are not in time.

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