When it is necessary to drive the system administrator on% yy

    System administrators, of course, are cool people, and they can write carts for printing and hanging on office walls. But sometimes they get it incredibly. When it is already necessary to drive the system administrator kick in the ass?

    When at other offices you connect the laptop to the network and everything works, but come to your office and the mail from Bat is not sent, the admin says that “this is software crookedly installed on your laptop”.

    When the system administrator installs the software, and then, in response to the message about the problem, he says that "the software is crookedly installed."

    When the system administrator cannot open the required ports for a week even by order of the chief.

    When the system administrator starts to paint the severity of the problem, instead of solving it, and one of the managers finds a solution to the problem in a forum thread in 15 minutes.

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