Offline: Notes of the old virtual

    Family pinged until full DDOS - I had to go to Belarus with my relatives. I'm on the train. The laptop is with you, but there is no Internet. Around full offline. I feel a little out of place. To reassure, I decided to imagine that I, like Jacques Yves Cousteau, just not under water, but offline. It’s getting easier ...

    Offline is a very strange thing. Firstly, it is very large. Highly. And you can only move around it very slowly, and somehow ... linearly. Now I am going on a train, and I see far, through a field, a forest. And I just can’t get there - although I’m interested. This is somehow wrong, and terribly uncomfortable.

    * * *
    Surprised by the trees. They are very different. Branches, leaves, needles ... How much effort was put by the designer - and why? Unclear. But beautiful. I respect

    * * *
    Designers in offline water work well. It looks very naturalistic, addictive. It’s good that the traffic is practically anonymous, otherwise it would have cost a pretty penny.
    UPD: The sky is also cool, but that won’t surprise us.

    There are people who live offline CONSTANTLY!
    What are they doing there? Riddle ...

    Strange offline approach to construction. They clearly lack a good CMS here - you need to tell what they are tormented with. Typical tasks, and each time they give birth to an elephant.

    * * *
    Surprised animals. There are a lot of them. I even remember the names of some. I don’t know many. Surprisingly, despite the lack of intelligence, they actively surf offline. What are they looking for there?

    UPD: The birds are really kamikaze really. In 3D, they move without problems. I envy.

    UPD2: Butterflies were surprised - small ones, but there too.

    Offline a lot of trash. Where moderators look is not clear. Not only is the processing of all these flying yellow packets and pieces of newspaper probably straining the server - it all looks unsightly. It’s even a pity for the designers - they tried, they sprinkled grass, trees - and then they threw pieces of ice cream paper and all the dogs under the tail.

    UPD: Ice cream is delicious ... cold ...

    * * *
    I caught a glimpse of offline hackers - they poked tubes into the birch, plastic bottles on them - and juice is in full swing.
    I wonder what the adult hackers are doing here.

    It’s very unreasonable when offline everything is arranged with traffic - a lot of communications, mostly of two kinds - pipes and wires, different traffic is going on all of them, and a lot of these pipes and wires are wound up, and they often go in parallel. No optimization. Do they not see this, or what?

    * * *
    In terms of advertising, offline is far behind - in general there are different-format banner networks, with a context very bad. Text ads are left to chance, normal contextual insertion options are rare. Google is not on them. Of the exceptions, grandmothers at the train station were pleased: "an apartment for rent is nearby." They can when they want. They would still have to attach a system of certificates of trust and fasten the user rating - that would be it.

    * * *
    Specifically, we got lunch breaks - not, well, actually, how is it possible - the user comes to you, and you don’t have a nifig. What kind of service, damn it.
    The wacky custom of not working at night is generally something I cannot write about calmly.

    Today I saw moderators. It's cool that you can immediately see them offline - they are in such a gray form and on their sides the clubs hang out. We need to think about how to port the idea to us - it may be interesting to get. It’s immediately obvious that Moder is nearby, I don’t want to break anything.
    He himself hasn’t encountered their work yet, but they say that he’s not much different from the online one - they can kick up to 72 hours for minor violations for trial, and for larger ones - ban from 15 days to life. Hard.

    Yesterday he was laughing so hard - he saw the TV. This is a box like a monitor, only bigger. There is no systematic. And hell shows those that. You can’t influence it in any way, just switch channels - and there’s another hell with those. He spoke with knowledgeable people - they assure us that sometimes they show something cool. Please - show me. They are not, wait a minute, you need to see the program. I looked into this program - an unfamiliar language, but quite obvious, all in Russian. How their encoders cannot make a normal program on it is a mystery ...

    What is really annoying offline - you can’t keep up with everything. And a little gape, I turned my head in the wrong direction - that's it, that’s it. The second time you can’t scroll. It’s wrong, it’s unfair. It’s not so at home - I haven’t been there for a week, but it’s not scary - I'll make up for everything in 20 hours, I will reply to letters, I will look through RSS, and I’ll set up the pluses on Habré. Everything's under control.

    Good at home ...

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