What awaits us, craving sensations?

    I must say right away that if you do not like to dream or think, or you are a very business person who does not have time, then you are not here.

    So, I would like to talk to what a person can get in his knowledge of the surrounding space and feelings. As you know, everything that a person feels or knows, he does it with the help of his central nervous system, namely the brain, and instinctive reactions with the help of the spinal cord. Due to the fact that scientific progress is constantly evolving and does not stand still, scientists study and understand the interaction of neurons (gradually everything is better, but as always there are more questions than answers), the cells of which the human brain consists. Understanding the processes of thinking, processing and generating information, there is an increasing understanding that what happens is unusually surprising and wonderful, but it cannot be otherwise!
    Our body is not perfect and unique in durability at the same time. We can withstand such loads that not one device can withstand
    , but on the other hand it is so simple to “disable” us. A person always strives to go where he does not live (space, the depths of the ocean, etc.), to see what he cannot (various spectra, atoms, etc.). In general, a person is unstoppable in his curiosity and desire to know the world around him. But there is a problem that those opportunities that the body provides us are lacking either now or will be missed.
    In addition to this, more and more knowledge is obtained, and to understand and apply it in practice, more time or a narrower specialization in studying the problem is needed. Thus, a person will change his body in the future, and will already change, for us it has become the norm, but just a hundred years ago it was fantastic (plastic surgery, bone lengthening, cosmetics). Further, he will go for genetic modifications in pair with the use of bio-cybernetic (devices that interact living with non-living) devices. But here is the problem, will we not end up being just a barrel in which there will be a “brain-consciousness” and a device that removes and creates a complex structure of the electromagnetic field of the brain. In addition, there should still be service devices, as well as a huge number of various probes,
    Of course, you can go even further, and generally abandon the body shell and live on silicon (?), Or be a stream of photons on a transparent substrate. In any case, our consciousness is just a bizarre configuration (structure) of energy. Because at this stage the role of sensors is played by our body, eyes, tongue, etc., but we interact with the muscles, which, however, are controlled with the help of a thought - an impulse of energy ...
    PS: I do not pretend to technical accuracy, the main thing is clear global idea ...

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