Google Web History - Search Plugin for Firefox

    Hello dear Habrmalchiki and Habrdevochki!
    Some time ago, I discovered a wonderful thing - Google Web history .
    Despite the article about complaints, I found this service quite convenient for myself, but only one thing did not give rest: the lack of an operational search.
    This prompted me to create a search extension for Firefox. But since I am not a magician and do not even study for him, I would like to know the opinion of the public and, if possible, get constructive comments on fixing bugs and improving.
    Now some technical information.
    You could download the xml file from the link, which should be placed in the folder"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins"(adjusted for the place where you installed Firefox), and then restart the browser.
    What to do next, you know;)

    By default, I set the results to be sorted by date, as it seemed to me more appropriate to the very idea of ​​history

    . Waiting for a construct, alammi

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