Let eternity be your only thought (:

    Leave all your passionate desires. Forget the kids fun. Turn into pieces of flawless clay. Let eternity be your only thought. Become the likeness of cold and lifeless ashes or an old sub-muzzle above an abandoned grave.
    With a simple belief in this, exercise your body and mind accordingly, turning them into lifeless pieces of stone or wood. When a state of complete stillness and unconsciousness is reached, all signs of life will disappear, but with them all limitations will disappear. No thought will disturb your mind. And then - oh, a miracle! - quite unexpectedly, a divine light will illuminate you. This can be compared to a ray of light in the pitch darkness or a treasure found by a poor man. Four elements and five conductors will cease to be a heavy burden for you. It will become easy and free for you. Your whole being will lose all limitations. You will feel free, light and transparent. Your enlightened mind will penetrate the very nature of things, which from now on will become for you the likeness of many fabulous colors, airy and intangible.
    Before us remains only one direct and unhindered road. And all this is achieved when we renounce everything: the body, life and all that belongs to our inner nature.
    It is here that we find peace, tranquility, poise and inexpressible joy.

    Sekiso Keise (807-888) - Zen master of the Tang period.

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