RBC works again without copyright

    The image of a white-orange megaphone, published as an illustration to one of the articles of the RBC Daily newspaper dated April 27, 2007, suddenly found its creator. Its author, a designer with a LJ nickname weaponer , said that RBC did not transfer any rights to his work, and called the incident theft. In his post in the advertka community, he announced that he was going to file a lawsuit against RBC.

    “It’s easy to guess that neither I nor yegor (inhabitants of dirty.ruthey know him as Gong) they never sold or transferred this picture to RBC and generally to anyone, ”he writes. “Moreover, I am very surprised by the fact of theft of frank garbage, quickly painted on my knee so as not to buy an image in the photo bank.” In the comments on the entry, weaponer noted that he was not going to contact RBC in order to solve the problem by the world. According to him, the conviction of RBC in theft for the second time in a year is an excellent news occasion.

    In another thread of discussion for the post of weaponer, another RBC suffered from copyright unscrupulous issues. LJ user readm0reclaims that in the design of its television channel, the holding without any rights uses musical compositions written by readm0re and his friend for the label Exotica. “Naturally, nobody ... has notified us about this,” he complains .

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