YouTube Founders - People of the Year

    In yesterday’s review of Webby Awards nominees, we completely looked at one important and, without exaggeration, significant fact. Nomination "Man of the Year" gave Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube.

    In just one year, these two young men created an innovative web service from scratch, made it super popular and sold it very well for $ 1.65 billion. The prize was awarded “recognizing the leading role in the video-sharing sensation, which revolutionized the online entertainment market and became a symbol a new era of the Internet . "

    We have already given detailed calculationshow many hundreds of millions Steve and Chad received (more than $ 300 million each), as well as their friend, who left the business at an early stage because he did not want to leave the university.

    The possibility of sudden enrichment in such a short time seems incredible, given the young age of entrepreneurs, the lack of experience and knowledge. However, the fantastic success story becomes much more prosaic when you look at ... the wife of Chad Hurley . This is the daughter of James Clark, the legendary Silicon Valley businessman who was the founder or co-founder of several millionaire companies, including Silicon Graphics and Netscape.

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