sNews - the smallest CMS

    sNewssNews is one of the most compact CMS in the size of only 100 KB php code. Its compactness did not compromise its functionality and is one of the most optimal for creating a simple personal page or a small blog site.

    In the development of this CMS, the most necessary needs were taken into account, including a built-in mini page editor, optimized links for search queries, they are also CNC, RSS feed, site archive, the latest news and comments, a site map and a contact form.

    The minimal configuration consists of only 5 files:
    .htaccess - configuration file apache
    index.php - site template
    readme.html - instructions for installing and configuring
    snews.php - actually CMS
    style.css itself - stylish cascading shields :)

    For especially lazy people 24 good CSS templates provided.

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