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    A new Web 2.0 generation project , Tabber , an online contact organizer, has been spotted on the Internet . The service allows you to import data from the Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail email services, the Outlook client, AIM messengers, Yahoo IM and MSN, MySpace and Digg'a social networks. Added contacts are marked with tags, and one or another label can be assigned immediately to a group of contacts. The merge function combines selected cells into one, which is useful when a person has several addresses.

    Whenever a registered tabber user entered into your organizer updates his data, the system sends a notification about this. In addition to the tabber-friend’s questionnaire, a newsletter updated every 10 minutes broadcasts notifications of his new posts at various sites (these can be blog entries or freshly posted photos on Flickr). Thus, inside one Tabber, you can watch the activity of your friends on popular web services.

    Tabber accounts can be either public or private.

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