Launchy 1.25

    Launchy , one of the most beloved utilities on Habrahabr (confirmations here or here ), has grown to version 1.25. In a nutshell, describe the purpose of the program, then Launchy serves to launch the programs you need as quickly as possible with just a few keys on the keyboard.

    It works completely unobtrusively, when you press a custom key combination, Alt + Space displays its window in the form of a search bar into which you enter the first characters from the name of the program you need. While you are typing, Launchy is literally from the second character based on the information obtained after scanning the Start folder, in the Google Suggest style offers the most likely options that can be started by typing. With some skill, it saves a lot of time, eliminating the need to wade through the jungle of the Start menu with the mouse each time.

    In addition to directly launching programs from the Start menu, Laucnhy using native plugins allows you to scan Bookmarks, quickly search the Internet (Alt + Space -> the first letters of a search engine (go Google, etc.) -> Tab -> "search phrase »-> Enter), do the calculations using the built-in calculator.

    Download Launchy 1.25: LaunchySetup125.exe , 1Mb

    The following innovations in this version:
    - a new plug-in for scanning applications from the Control Panel (Control Panel)
    - a new Runny plug-in (custom commands)
    - automatic tracking of new Launchy versions
    - support for command line arguments (you can enter arguments after pressing Tab)
    - you can use ' . * 'as a mask for folders
    - you can enable / disable plugins
    - plugins can have their own settings
    - the “on top of all windows” function can be turned on / off
    - new icons for plugins from Sean Poon

    And bug fixes side:
    - a bug has been fixed that sometimes leads to a program crashing at startup
    - fixed a bug in the Weby Internet search plugin (Google almost didn’t select it)
    - fixed the mouse cursor disappearing in the drop-down menu
    - Laucnhy no longer “jerks” when changing skins and does not blink after launching
    - the Calcy calculator plugin turned on when it was necessary to run files from digits in the name
    - Launchy can now be placed at the corners of the screen

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