Web 2.0: amateur questions

    Good afternoon,
    tell me, please, what is the order of the cost of the web 2.0 engine?
    in the future, it will be necessary for the site of a collective blog.
    are there any ready-made engines? Do you need to create it yourself?

    to make it clearer, I’ll explain. it is necessary:

    1. that the view and editorial functionality (tag cloud, interface, etc.) be like that of the Habr
    2. as well as here, the first page of the site (possibly sections) was given to karma donated. accordingly, everything related to karma is needed.

    do not judge strictly for amateurish approach. there is more enterprise than understanding the no-kitchen itself. the only question is time. here on a habr much like.
    thank you in advance for your advice.

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