It takes time to read and write

    Who is doing literary projects. Some time ago, I wrote to the authors about a dozen blogs, the theme of which is literature, or at least the coverage of books or the theme of the books about the books. In response, I received exactly half the letters.

    There is very little material for some in-depth research, but writing a short article is enough. These letters give some idea of ​​what people are at the helm of this or that project, what they think about various problems.

    We are all busy people, so the time devoted to reading books and writing blog posts varies widely; can read from 0 (zero) minutes to three to four hours a day. But the time devoted to the project depends on another factor - what is the project: work or a hobby. Therefore, the numbers here are different - someone needs five to ten minutes to write a note, while someone spends all his free time on his brainchild.

    All authors (including myself) hope that their brainchild is and will be useful to readers. Thanks to blogs and diaries, someone will find feedback on the book they’re about to read, someone will have a link where they can download the text, or find out news from the life of the book company. And other projects will create an electronic version of the bookshelf, share opinions with others, make friends, show their talent. Well, of course, all readers will be happy to spend time.

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    and in the meantime, an interview is being prepared with the authors of some literary and book projects. wait.

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