Renegade is the world's first 3D pen that works on plastic bottles.

3D pens appeared long ago. The demand for them is still quite large, but they no longer cause a stir, becoming the usual element of the desktop of many designers, engineers or schoolchildren who like to make crafts from plastic. Plastic, by the way, ends pretty quickly, and you have to buy it.

For some, this is not a problem, but for some it is a trite laziness. And here can come to the aid of a new type of 3D-pen, which was called Renegade. Its novelty lies in the fact that the device can work on plastic, which is full of home for each of us. These are plastic bottles, files and even packages from the supermarket. Not bad, right? Let's see how it all works.

Renegade has a powerful extruder and heater. Plastic for work is obtained through Schröder ChupaCut, which cuts plastic. Cutting goes unnoticed by the owner, ensuring continuous supply of plastic. There are no restrictions on work in principle - this pen does everything the same as other models of 3D pens, including our model - 3D Dali .

Here is an example of what can be done with Renegade, and how it works.

The heating temperature of the plastic can be adjusted. The boundary values ​​are from 50 ° C to 320 ° C, it all depends on the type of plastic that is used. The speed of extrusion of the heated plastic mass is also regulated using the button. Renegade can work with 5 mm plastic tapes, which cut regular PET bottles, plastic bags, files and other plastic products with a thickness of 0.14-0.35 mm. In addition, if desired, you can work with other materials, including PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS and other types of fiber with a diameter of 1.75 mm.

The body of the handle is made of aluminum, the plastic feeder, as was said, is very powerful, there is practically nothing to break here. The company also offers a free service to turn a picture into elements of a three-dimensional structure, which can then be clothed with plastic with a pen and make yourself a figure.

Renegade PRO is an advanced pen model with LCD display, which shows the exact temperature conditions, the type of material with which the work is being done and the speed of printing.

The ChupaCut shredder cuts plastic - this is not an automatic device, you will have to work manually for a couple of minutes using the built-in ChupaCut cutting.

Schröder is equipped with a special stand. Where you can put both chopped plastic and finished ABS and other types of fiber. This is how cutting works:

2 standard plastic bottles replace 25 ordinary plastic threads. So, if there are no threads, you can work with the improvised material. There are threads - we work with them, if desired.

With proper skill, you can get this:

Plus handles are also the fact that the bottles no longer need to be thrown into a landfill, you can make something interesting out of them. Of course, this solution cannot be called super-eco-friendly, but it is better to make some nice little stand for small things than throw a plastic bottle in the trash.

Now the developers of the pen collect funds for Kickstarter . Collected already twice the planned, so that the device will definitely enter the market. The first deliveries are scheduled for February 2017.

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