"Dog" bought Film.Ru and Videoguide.Ru

    Two cinema sites - film.ru and videoguide.ru - changed ownership by transferring ownership to the Sobaka publishing house, which issues Time Out magazine in Moscow and St. Petersburg . The new owners say that at the moment, revenue from acquired projects is not the first thing that interests them.

    For how much sites are sold, it is not known. According to experts quoted by the Kommersant newspaper , their monthly revenue does not exceed $ 7,000. However, there are no clear criteria for evaluating such film.ru and videoguide.ru projects, says Arsen Revazov, president of IMHO VI: “A domain name and content, even without turnover, can cost both $ 300 thousand and $ 700 thousand.” Former owners of cinema sites Sergey Belousov and Vladimir Levkin find the amount offered by him quite worthy.

    Entertime will be managing the acquired sites, now developing the timeout.ru portal. Sergei Klyuchenkov, the CEO of Entertime, said he had attracted new owners to these online projects because “on high-frequency queries about cinema, film.ru is number one in search engines.”

    Market participants, noting that film.ru and videoguide.ru sites alone cannot be regarded as a serious business, say that their purchase is very promising for the development of traditional media products that are already available for the publisher. In particular, the film.ru site in August had an audience comparable in size to the August audience of the site Time Out itself: according to Mail.Ru, the first was visited by 204.4 thousand people, the second - 223.1 thousand.

    The growth potential in this environment is great: for example, the magazine "Poster", the closest competitor to Time Out, on the site for the specified month there were about 1133.2 thousand people, and movie pages, according to the representative of Afisha Digital, accounted for 50% of the traffic. “Therefore, it’s logical for Time Out to buy a website specializing in cinema and promote it among an audience interested in cinema,” summarizes AdWatch agency CEO Lev Glaser. According to him, the marketing support of Time Out magazine will increase both the traffic of its new sites and the attention of advertisers.

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