Timur Aitov vs. Three Buttons: Round Two

    Timur Aitov, who woke up famous after his report at RIFe-2006, continues to oppose the situation in RuNet. His disapproval remains an influential "three keys" - "Yandex" , "Rambler" and with Mail.Ru .

    Aitov, this time expressing his views in Izvestia, again calls for the creation of a public Russian portal (PPR - Aitov's abbreviation). Along the way, the author of the "concept" promotes the idea that Internet communications should not be controlled by private companies, since it is not known how they "manage the most important resources and use valuable information."

    In general, everything is bad. The picture of sin Timur Aitov in a note“Does Russia need a public portal?” He doesn’t draw carefully, but effectively: in his opinion, leading Internet companies are engaged in juggling search queries and extracting corporate secrets from email traffic. This activity is presented as a three-button business scheme. However, not a single factual evidence has been provided for the use of such schemes. The merit of the “buttons” regarding technological developments and the popularization of the Internet in the country was not mentioned.

    Aitov's text almost completely duplicates the theses of his RIF report. But in the final part of the article, some specifics are introduced that explain the author’s central case - the creation of the PIU. In particular, one sentence gives the idea:“The structure of the Russian portal should provide all the necessary services to Runet users - for file storage, correspondence, entertainment, communication, etc.” . The following four points explain how to supplement the “traditional list of Internet services”.

    Recall that Aitov made a report at the RIF as a delegate to RBC Soft . The change is interesting: in the article in Izvestia he appears already as "a member of the board of the Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT) ." Obviously, the reaction of RBC in the person of Mikhail Gurevich to the report “Three Runet Buttons” was extremely sincere. “The report is a private opinion of Timur Aitov and absolutely does not reflect the position of the leadership of RBC,” Mikhail Gurevich said in an interviewWebplanet. “I want to add on my own behalf that I haven’t caught my eye for such an illiterate set of numbers and judgments.”

    Speaking about “dishonest” Russian Internet companies, a message flashed in Clerk.Ru will be worth mentioning : at a recent Internet forum in Krasnodar, Alexander Aigistov, director of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, said that Yandex was listed in some spy lists. “Everything that passes through Yandex may be watched by the British intelligence services,” were his words.

    “The patient continues to rave,” comments Yandex editor-in-chief Elena Kolmanovskaya. “It's even hard to believe that Aigistov and Aitov are different people.”

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