Runner Goes to Online Media Advertising

    On July 31, Begun , announcing its entry into the online media advertising market, introduced its new advertising solution. Its latest product makes it possible to conduct media campaigns "in context."
    The Begun service will be useful primarily to large and medium-sized advertisers who want to increase the degree of brand recognition among the target audience. The company emphasizes: it is the target audience that will see the media contextual advertising - this will be ensured by contextual-behavioral technologies in the Begun systems.

    These technologies first reveal the current interests of the consumer, and then display media ads that are relevant to everyone’s interests. The advertiser can customize the system as needed by selecting topics that are relevant to the interests of the consumer group. In addition, an advertising campaign can be targeted by geography, time, number of ad impressions, it is possible to limit the total and daily budget, as well as limit impressions to the site. There are no extra charges for detailed focusing.

    Advertisers pay for displaying banners to unique viewers. The minimum cost for 1000 impressions is 280 rubles. At the same time, they are carried out with a given frequency - the probability of showing depends on the cost set by the advertiser. Thus, the Beguna brand model extends to the new service: in addition to contextual communication, there is an auction price.

    Banners uploaded to the Runner’s contextual media system will appear at the top of the pages. In addition, advertising will be broadcast in large formats - in banners with a width of the entire screen and a height of 90 pixels (in general, 1/8 of the screen area). The display of banner advertising to each specific viewer is controlled, which, according to the “Runner”, “allows, on the one hand, to avoid annoyance from repeated advertising, and on the other hand, it guarantees the advertiser the necessary audience coverage for the forecast budget”.

    “Currently, the Russian Internet has established a conditional separation of advertising into media and contextual,” says Alexey Basov, CEO of Beguna. - Contextual advertising effectively converts existing demand into sales. Display advertising is effectively used by large companies for branding. The new Runner product combines the advantages of contextual and media advertising, making it possible for medium-sized companies to solve the problems of demand generation. ”

    Denis Fridman, deputy director of the Internet projects promotion department of RBC Soft , believes that the Begun’s offer is still not new and “has long been used by Rohrer”“True, in 240 × 400 format.” In his opinion, the advantage of a media context tool is the availability of focusing and contextual targeting. "This, in turn, adds a number of advantages, and, therefore, this type of advertising is more effective and sells well."

    According to Denis Friedman, a similar model is used in Google Adwords and its essence - to "a combination of the principle of rotation of the auction banner": "In this case, continues the tradition of directives and Runner: you want to be more visible - pay more. "This does not always justify the costs, but if the advertisement is sold, then it is in demand in the market."

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